D.M. By Deco

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My portfolio displays my past design projects, highlighting my versatility and expertise across various disciplines. I prioritize both aesthetics and functionality, ensuring that my designs are not only visually appealing but provide a seamless user experience that aligns with the specific needs and goals of each project.



I designed Adventura, a comprehensive travel planning app for multi-city vacations. As the sole designer, I crafted every aspect, ensuring an intuitive interface, seamless experience, and captivating brand identity.

iPhone mockup of Adventura App user page against a concrete background. iPhone mockup of Adventura App login against a concrete background. Infographic poster mockup against a concrete background.

Print Media

I craft eye-catching designs for print—magazines, flyers, and posters. From magazine layouts to impactful flyer visuals and bold posters, I ensure a consistent and engaging look. Adhering to print specs and collaborating closely with clients, I bring their vision to life.

iD magazine cover page mockup against a concrete background. iD magazine page spread mockup against a concrete background.

Raxx 4 Wigs

Raxx 4 Wigs is a startup specializing in wig care products. I played a pivotal role in the product launch and subsequent branding initiatives. I also served as a part-time social media manager, contributing to brand awareness and loyalty.

Macbook mockup of Raxx 4 Wigs website homepage against a concrete background.

Lumière Du Soleil

I designed Lumière Du Soleil's beach-inspired body-care packaging, capturing a carefree lifestyle with a minimalistic, eco-friendly vibe. From logos to labels, my designs embodied simplicity and reflected the brand's commitment to all-natural, cruelty-free products.

Packaging mockup of Lumière Du Soleil hair oil against a concrete background. Packaging mockup of Lumière Du Soleil sunscreen against a concrete background.